19.03.2017 NTK Agder National Dogshow

New Norwegian Champion Westicon Highland Bagpiper!! Big congratulations to Charlie`s owners Marit and Tormod!! Smiler

19.03.2017 NTK Agder National Dogshow

19.03.2017 NTK Agder National Dogshow judge Vesa Lethonen 1+1

BIR/BOB BIS NV-16 NJV-16 Westicon Indeed I Am!! And her big brother Westicon Highland Bagpiper BIM/BOS CC and new Norwegian Champion!! Big Congratulations to his owners Marit Berge Kjellsen and Tormod KjellsenSmiler stort

18.03.2017 Kristiansand Int Dogshow

18.03.2017 Kristiansand Int Dogshow judge Robert Kanas, 1 + 1

BIR/BOB NV-16 NJV-16 Westicon Indeed I Am, BIM/BOS Tomlyndon Eager Ernest who also became NORD UCH today! Big congratulations to his owner Thomas WestKul

18.03.2017 Malmö Int Dogshow,

18.03.2017 Malmö Int Dogshow, judge Anna Brankovic

BIR/BOB CC CACIB BOG-3 NORD JV-15 Westicon Highland Knight, and new Champion of Sweden, Denmark and Norway!! Big congratulations to his owner and handler Monica Richards!!Smiler stortLiker  

19.02.2017 NKK Bø

19.02.2017 NKK Bø, judge Vesa Lethonen 2+5

BIR/BOB CACIB Westicon Indeed I Am, and her brother Westicon In The Moment BIM/BOS with CC and CACIB! Congratulations to Melvin`s owner Mona Henriksen Smiler