From 2016

#5 Årets Westie Sverige/Sweden

NORD JV-15 Westicon Highland Knight, aka Alex Top Westie #5 2016 in Sweden!

A big congratulation to Monica Richard and Alex for this great achivement!

Årets Westie 2016 - #1 Top Westie 2016 Norway

Westicon Indeed I Am, aka Indee is #1 Top Westie in Norway 2016!!

Westicon In the Moment, aka Melvin is #3 Top Westie in Norway 2016!!

Westicon Highland Bagpiper, aka Charlie is #8 Top Westie in Norway 2016!!

Big congratulations to Melvin`s owner Mona Henriksen, and to Charlie`s owners Marit Berge Kjellsen and Tormod Kjellsen!! 




19.11.2016 Norsk Vinner Lillestrøm, Judge Leif-Herman Wilberg Norway

What a day!! Indee did it again, with very strong competition! 6+11

Westicon Indeed I Am, BIR/BOB NJV-16 NV-16!

Westicon Impossible Touch, 3.BB with CC! Congratulatons to owner Inger Skogmann, Sweden!

Westicon In The Moment, 4.BM with Res.CC! Congratulations to owner Mona Henriksen!



12.11.2016 Konsberg Hundeklubb, judge Kurt Nilsson SE

Westicon Indeed I Am, BIR/BOB!

Westicon In The Moment, BIM/BOS! Congratulations to owner Mona Henriksen


10.09.16 NKK Rogaland, judge Carole Garhöfer and Tom Hehir for group

Well worth the long drive to Stavanger!

Westicon Highland Bagpiper BOB with CC and CACIB, and BOG!!! Big congratulations to his owners Marit and Tormod Kjellsen! 

Westicon Indeed I Am, BOS! 

I`m so happy and proud of these youngsters who are after Jazzing Dirty Harry and Westicon Extra Etiquette ❤


13.08.2016 NKK Lillehammer, judge Heidi Hagen Norway

A great day at the office!

Westicon Indeed I Am, BOB, only 11 months old!

Westicon In The Moment, 2BM with RES.CC, congratulations to owner Mona Henriksen!

Westicon Highland Bagpiper, 3BM RES.CACIB, congratulations to owner Marit Kjellsen Berge!


07.08.2016 Norsk Terrierklubb Sarbsborg, judge Siv Jerhake SE

Westicon In The Moment BOB with CAC! Big congratulations to owner Mona Henriksen!

Jazzing Salty Lips BOS with CAC! Congratulations to breeder Reidun Aldrin, and to my daughter Ann-Helen for handling her so well!

Westicon Indeed I Am 2BB 😀

08.07.2016 Tvååker Int. Dogshow Sverige, judge Martin Philips UK

A fantastic day at Tvååker Int.Dogshow! 

Westicon Indeed I Am, best bitch and BOS with CC, and she`s only 10 months old!!

Her big brother Westicon Highland Hunter 3. best male! Congratulations to his owner Monica Richard


05.06.2016 Terrierspesialen Mjøndalen, judge Stuart Plane UK

What a great day! Our youngsters did well again! 

Jazzing Salty Lips BIS puppy! Congratulations to her breeder Reidun Aldrin!

NORDJV-15 Westicon Highland Knight BOS with CC! Congratulations to his owner Monica Richard!

Westicon In The Moment 4BM! Congratulations to his owner Mona Henriksen!

Westicon Indeed I Am 3BB, and BIS 2 Junior!



Täby 28.05.2016 Westialliansen`s Offisielle utstilling, judge Valarie Smith UK


A wonderful day in the showring for the young Westicon`s:

Westicon Indeed I Am, BIS puppy!

Westicon Impossible Touch, 2BP 6-9months. Congratulations to owner Inger Skogman!

Jazzing Salty Lips, 4BP 6-9months. Congratulations to her breeder Reidun Aldrin!

NORDJV-15 Westicon Highland Knight, 3BM with CC, big congratulations to owner Monica Richard!


01.05.2016 Roskilde Int Dogswhow, DK

A great day att Roskilde International Dogshow 2016-05-01:
NORDJV-15 Westicon Highland Knight, exc, CK, CAC, CACIB, Cruftsqualification and BOB at the age of 15 months!

Congratulations to owner Monica Richard😀

24.04.2016 Opole (PL) Club Terrier Show

24.04.2016 Opole (PL) Club Terrier Show, Judge Joanna Szczepańska-Korpetta (PL), Viva Maria Soleckyj-Szpunar (PL)
Westicon Highland Hunter - 1 exc., Junior Club Winner 2016, Best Junior, 3 BIS Junior !!!

Thanks to owner Monika and Krzysiek, Kennel Devil In Disguise😀

20.03.2016 Malmö Int Dogshow

20.03.2016 Int show in Malmö
Judge Eerola Päivi
Westicon Highland Knight CAC BOS

Congratulations to owner Monica Richard😀

27.03.2016 Påskeutstillingen Letohallen

27.03.2016 Klubben For Gårds-og Fjellhunder Letohallen
Dommer: Per Iversen, Norge

Westicon Highland Bagpiper, aka Charlie.
Eier Marit og Tormod Kjellsen Berge.


BIR & BIG valp Westicon Indeed I Am, aka Indee.

Jeg er kjempefornøyd med begge ungdommene, som gjorde en så fin debut!

07.02.2016 Brno

Westicon Highland Hunter - DuoCACIB Brno,
2 x CAJC , CQ'17 and new Junior Champion of Czech Republic 
Many thanks to judge Brigita Kremser and Falk Siewert !

Hunter is owned by Kennel Devil In Disguise, Poland🙂

09.01.2016 My Dog Int Dogshow Gothenburg, SE

International dogshow My Dog Gothenburg 09.01.2016:
BOB/BIR CAC Cruftsqualification Westicon Highland Knight

Big congratulations to owner Monica Richard😀